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For treatment of wounds and infections.  For those hard-to-reach areas, BIOGEL(TM) Spray offers the same healing and infection control properties as BIOGEL(TM).


It is uniquely designed to be your first response to animal injury because it is easy to apply when the animal is in pain and uncooperative, thus easing suffering and promoting the healing process.  Ideal for use on scratches and leg fungal infections.

BIOGEL Spray 16-oz Bottle

SKU: HHS0008
  • BIOGEL(TM) Provides a protective cover while accelerating the healing process.

    • Helps prevent infection
    • Helps rebuild lost tissue
    • Contains no antibiotics or steroids
    • Provides pain relief
    • Kills bacteria/pathogens
    • Is anti-inflammatory and anti-scar
    • Promotes cell tissue regeneration/rehabilitation
    • Debrides/removes proud flesh

Healthy Horse Solutions

BIOGEL(TM), BIOGEL SPRAY(TM), BIOWASH(TM) and BIOOPTIC(TM) are registered trademarks of Anjon Biologics, Inc.  Used with permission.

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