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Healthy Horse Solutions

We're horse owners too.
Whether your horses are ridden for pleasure, work or in the show pen, we know how important their health and well-being are to you. We also know how easily they can get hurt and the costs associated with illness and injury.  The Anjon Animal Health products that we use and endorse use only naturally derived ingredients classified by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) components with the results being an exceptional degree of safety with a minimum of side effects.

There have been no reported drug related systemic side effects in five years of animal testing.


Basic skin and coat care.
Like every horse owner, we've tried just about every shampoo on the market.  We've found that using BIOWASH(TM) not only gets your horse clean but calms and soothes the skin also.  This is especially important in the show ring, as an itchy horse now has to contend with physical discomfort, taking their minds off of their job.  In addition, a dirty horse can be subject to unnecessary soring caused by pad and cinch/girth rub, which leads to additional issues.  Since switching to the exclusive use of BIOWASH(TM) nearly five years ago, none of our horses have suffered from girth itch.  We have also seen severe cases of girth itch resolve themselves in as little as 3 days when using BIOWASH(TM) and/or BIOGEL(TM).


Cuts, scrapes, abrasions and punctures (or horses being horses)!
I'm sure, your horses, just like ours find new and innovative ways to hurt themselves.  From the killer plastic bag that causes a rope burn, to the cut from a gate latch to a nail cut on the lower leg or any number of ways our equine partners find to break the skin, BIOGEL
(TM) and BIOGEL(TM) SPRAY are indespensable products to have on hand.  Take a few minutes to look at some of the before and after pictures on our site to see just how effective they are in healing injuries, some quite severe.


Cutting Horse, Cow Horse and Rope Horse trainers.
If youy keep cattle as part of your training program, then you already know that the ONLY thing that can find a way to hurt itself more often or in more bizarre ways is without a doubt, beef cattle!  They are especially prone to eye infections and injury.  Keep a tube of BIOOPTIC on hand.  Recently one of our small dogs severely scratched her eye and we used BIOOPTIC
(TM) and the scratch healed up in just over a day.  It also works extremely well on conjunctivitis.

BIOGEL(TM), BIOGEL SPRAY(TM), BIOWASH(TM) and BIOOPTIC(TM) are registered trademarks of Anjon Biologics, Inc.  Used with permission.

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