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For treatment of acute or chronic eye irritation in animals associated with bacterial or yeast infections susceptible to polyherbal treatment.

BIOOPTIC 1/2-oz Tube

  • BIOOPTIC(TM) is effective in controlling eye infections and helps repair tissue damaged by injury.  It does this with its proprietary blend of 100% organic herbs and minerals processed to create highly efficacious anti-bacterial and antifungal treatments for animals.


    While providing the highest level of animal safety, BIOOPTIC(TM) poses no risk of antibiotic resistance buildup.


    • Tested by veterinarians and recommended for everyday use for acute or chronic eye irritations, infections and injuries.
    • Ideal for eye infections such as conjunctivitis
    • Rehabilitates and immediately soothes the eye
    • Suitable for use on all animals

Healthy Horse Solutions

BIOGEL(TM), BIOGEL SPRAY(TM), BIOWASH(TM) and BIOOPTIC(TM) are registered trademarks of Anjon Biologics, Inc.  Used with permission.

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